Education changes our lives

Education empowers

"Women made us understand that it was the right time to give them a voice."

Anastasia Mikova, journalist and director of the film "Woman"

10 to 20%

this is the increase in income for women that comes together with each additional primary school year for girls. (1)

In Burkina Faso, literacy leads women to develop income-generating activities and gain autonomy


represents the year in which equality between men and women will be achieved, that is to say 202 years
in the waiting room - if nothing changes - to reach parity in the world of work. (4)

Because Education:
has a tremendous impact on human development,
contributes to the empowerment and ability of girls and women through education and training,
fights against the rights gap between girls and boys, men and women and breaks the circle of inequality and

Education EMPOWERS,
defending it concerns ALL of us.

"Girls who have access to education become agents of change"

Rukmini Rao, psychologist and activist for women's and children's rights

Education helps tackle early marriage and pregnancy, as well as violence against girls and women. Providing girls
and women with access to free and quality education makes it possible to change their future, particularly in the
economic sense; the future of their families and that of their countries.

Girls from extremely poor backgrounds also go to school in India thanks to the program Enlight

15 million

underage girls are married every year (2). Yet, generalized secondary education could practically end
child marriage (and therefore early pregnancy) (3)