Education changes our lives


Education as a key factor in defeating COVID-19

Aïcha Bah Diallo, president of Aide et Action

In India, young women are trained to care.


of respondents do not know how HIV-AIDS is transmitted.

In Cambodia, Aide et Action adapts its activities to tackle COVID-19 crisis

Because Education:
helps prevent epidemics,
teaches hygiene,
can sometimes make up for a lack of vaccines,
makes it possible to act on health problems all over the world, for all.

Education HEALS,
fighting for it concerns ALL of us.

In Benin, children are made aware of hygiene measures.


of those questioned really know the impact that education may have to save lives.

Health Education is the foundation of the health system

Patrick Pelloux, doctor and President of the Emergency of France

1 in 2 schools

do not have hand washing facilities, with soap and water.

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