Education changes our lives

Education includes

Aide et Action is convinced that quality education for all requires inclusion. The organization specifically targets its projects to reach the most vulnerable and marginalized populations (the poorest, out-of-school pupils and drop-outs, the ones at risk of dropping out of school, girls, migrants, children with disabilities, children from ethnic minorities groups, and more.) Aide et Action takes action to ensure that no one is forgotten throughout their entire education.

Yet, due to lack of inclusion, inequalities - both in terms of access and quality of education - remain, both between states and within countries. As a consequence: the most marginalized children are left behind.

"Discrimination starts from day nursery"

Thierry Marx, renowned chef and activist

258 million

children, adolescents and young people in the world who are currently excluded from education, particularly because of disability, poverty, gender, ethnic origin, geographical isolation... (5)

In Cambodia, inclusive methods let children with disabilities go to school

Because Education:

• Offers a better future and a better life, especially for the most underprivileged, marginalized and excluded populations,
• Transfers essential skills to enable (re-)integration into society,
• Empowers individuals to take action and participate.

Education INCLUDES,
defending it concerns ALL of us.


of the most marginalized groups in the world have very little chance of accessing quality education - Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4 - by 2030 (6)

"We need to embrace the culture of inclusiveness"

Savy Lach, Deputy CEO of Aide et Action

1 in 2

children or young people with disabilities do not go to school in low and middle income countries (7)

In Europe, Aide et Action fights to include out-of-school children

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